Immunity Testimonials

"Hi, my wife and I have been faithfully taking 1 capsule each of Mikei Red Reishi daily, along with 500 mg of Vitamin C for the past 5 or 6 years. I am in my late 70s and my wife in her early 70s. The results have been fantastic with neither of us been down with a cold or any other illnesses I believe due to the immune boosting results as a direct result of your fine products. We have also encouraged a number of our senior friends to buy and use your product and they also are very pleased with the results."
Don (Terrace, BC - June 3rd, 2018)

"We've been taking Mikei Red Reishi mushrooms for 5 years now and were able to replace a number of other supplements we were previously taking with them. As a result they are pretty much the only supplement we take, knowing that they help us maintain our health in all important areas.
We continue to notice the benefits from taking them on a regular basis including a definite increase in energy with the ability to continue to live an active lifestyle as a result. We also feel we are more resistant to viruses as we don't come down with as many flus or colds as our co-workers, friends and family.
Mikei Red Reishi is our primary supplement for all of our health concerns as we continue to age and remain young at heart."
M. & M. Fairgray

"My energy level has gone up which has helped me get through a day of work and exercise. Also, I did not get the flu last season. My immune system seems to have been boosted up during the cold season. Other benefits that I have noticed include sleeping well throughout the night and an improvement in my digestive health. My whole body feels more balanced with the intake of your capsules. Thanks!"
A. Leung

"Since I started Mikei I have noticed no hay fever this spring, no colds or flu – even though my roommate had bad colds and the flu – despite the fact I was working very hard (high stress)."
B. Dyer

"I love Red Reishi - 5 of my friends are now taking it. (Of course I had to tell them my secret for 'looking so young' and 'feeling fantastic') All of that thanks to Red Robinson. I believed him. Thank him for me."
C. Wilnes

"I am very sensitive to my immune system and I noticed that my blood pressure was more stable, my energy levels were more even (I usually experience a 3:00 pm low - this energy stability happened gradually over a few days) and I had a general feeling of well-being. I should add that I am normally allergic to mushrooms, but probably because this is an extraction, rather than the mushroom itself, I had no reaction."
O. Ottens

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