Energy Testimonials

"I've been taking the Mikei Red Reishi Mushrooms for almost a month now and I feel like I've stumbled upon a miracle to say the least! I feel fantastic! No more night sweats, lots of energy, getting full nights rest, no cold sores (1st time in almost 10 years, I would get them around my period coming), boosted my immune system, able to handle stress of a busy realtor. I really feel the difference! After spending so much money at the naturopath, I decided this year to take things into my own hands. I talked to some one at Pure Pharmacy in White Rock and she stated her mom swears by your product and that I should give it a try. I had heard about them before and was unsure, due to the expense, but I now know in the long run, taking this product will save me money at the naturopath. I just have a general overall sense of wellbeing and I feel like I'm back!"
K. Ireland

"Mikei has increased and stabilized my energy levels, I have better overall health, acne has been reduced 85%, I feel less stress, emotionally balanced and happy."
C. Squarebriggs

"I just wanted to tell you how much I love your [Mikei] Red Reishi capsules. I have been taking them for about 9 months now, and I also have gotten my husband onto the program. We have experienced a remarkable surge in energy and overall wellness that is undeniable. I work on a TV show here in Vancouver, and I have turned many of the crew (and cast) onto your Red Reishi as well. As a result, those who are now taking the capsules never get any sickness that is going around on the set. We are the "Red Reishi bunch" and it is no coincidence that we are the healthiest, happiest people on the crew. Thanks again for producing a truly effective and remarkable health product! It is absolutely worth each and every penny!"
S. Rabold

"I picked up a box of Mikei here in Victoria and I have been taking it for a month now... I no longer crave sugary snacks to keep my energy up, so I have managed to cut granola bars and energy drinks out of my diet. An unexpected perk of all this was I have already lost a few pounds. I definitely plan to continue taking this!"

"I have MS and could not believe how different I felt after the first week of taking Mikei Red Reishi. My energy levels went way up and I didn't need to have my normal afternoon naps. This product, along with other positive life changes has enabled me to go back to work. My overall feeling of well-being has greatly improved. After taking this product and experiencing how it has helped me, I would highly recommend it to other people."
Deb W.

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